A Grandmother looks back at post-partum depression

River Bed Road

Graphic Design by Artist Leah WelchIllustration by Leah Welch

Throwing in another load of laundry- I wonder how much will get done today.  I finish some overnight dishes that have accumulated in the sink. Watching  the flickering baby monitor poised precariously over the mess, I ponder the task of emptying the diaper genie.

The baby’s wail is heard above the running water. Drying my hands off quickly, I glance at the closed office door. A muffled business call can be heard in full swing. Going into the baby’s room, I am greeted by a wet, drooling, smiling five month old boy.

. . . . . not my baby, my laundry, my dishes, or even my house, but this is where He has me growing and learning right now.  Whether 25 or 55, my needs remain the same.  God-confidence becomes necessary and purposely overshadows my independence.

The office door swings open as the call ends.  My daughter…

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