Coming to Terms With Depression

S. Bradford Long

photo-1448546120959-a4b0e3dd910dI’ve spent the past year recovering from, and coming to terms with, a depressive episode that happened at the beginning of last year. All depression alters you, but there are some encounters that reach so deeply into your core that they leave you permenantly, utterly changed. My breakdown of 2015 was such an episode, and I’ve spent the following months trying to come to grips with the experience, and the person I’ve become. I’ve spent the past year trying to fathom the experience – what it was, how to describe it, and what happened.

The experience of depression is like the inverse of a profound, mystical experience. Instead of being immersed in an impenetrable light, reaching towards and touching the divine, you are plunged into complete darkness. You are buried underground, deep within some unknown part of yourself. Extreme depression is like a possession – something dark and infinitely alien…

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