Poems from a Plane 2 (“I can’t do this!”/Fussy Baby)


A Shared Lament or An Historical Retelling of “I can’t do this!”
by Doug Bursch

“I can’t do this!”
I shouted this in the car today
More than once, more than several, less than many times!
I didn’t count, I’m counting now, or trying to count now
But I didn’t count then. I just did it repeatedly.
“I can’t do this!”
Is what I shouted
Not like a mantra, but maybe the beginning of one.
Or maybe not, as I’ve never chanted a mantra
Nor shouted a mantra repeatedly.

“I can’t do this!”
It felt good to shout it in the car
With no one listening.
Although now you are listening
So I don’t know if that’s what I did.
Maybe I was shouting alone, to explain later.
But I don’t think I meant for you to hear, at least not when I was shouting
“I can’t do this!”

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