A Review of The 5th Avenue Theatre’s Lerner & Loewe’s Paint Your Wagon


I must admit I was rather giddy to see the opening night of Jon Marans’ new book adaptation of Lerner and Loewe’s Paint Your Wagon at the 5th Avenue Theatre last night. Reading the production notes about Marans’ collaborative working process with director David Armstrong, music supervisor Ian Eisendrath and choreographer Josh Rhodes only added to my anticipatory excitement.

In reviewing 5th Avenue Theatre productions, I’ve found they seem to excel both in fostering new Broadway worthy fare and in reintroducing Broadway classics to modern audiences. With this in mind, I was rather interested to see how they would reinvent or reboot a somewhat historic musical that was more praised for its melodies than its storyline. Being unfamiliar with both the original version of Paint Your Wagon and the extremely modified Clint Eastwood film version, I did not have any distracting accompanying nostalgia for the original musical to influence my…

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