A Junior High Love Triangle with Soundtrack

A lovely piece by Doug Bursch. You may also find him on Twitter @fairlyspiritual


In eighth grade I fell in love with two Stephanies.  Which really isn’t saying much, since in the early eighties 1 out of every 5 girls was named Stephanie.  A week before the school dance, word reached me that both Stephanies had indicated to close friends that they might possible want to “go with” me.  This was confirmed by further intel from other gossip ambassadors.  For the first and last time of my life, I was thoroughly entangled in a love triangle.

In my day, innocence was still hanging around the school yard.  Consequently, if someone said they wanted “to go with you” it meant you held hands and kissed between classes.  It also meant at least three slow dances.

To be honest, it wasn’t really a dance.  You just grabbed your partner’s waist and rocked side to side like you were wearing a body cast.  Most importantly, you kept…

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